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Discography Rhapsody On Fire

1997 - Legendary Tales

1. Ira Tenax
2. Warrior of ice
3. Rage of the winter
4. Forest of unicorns
5. Flames of revenge
6. Virgin skies
7. Land of inmortals
8. Echoes of tragedy
9. Lord of the thunder
10. Legendary Tales


1998 - Symphony of enchanted lands

1. Epicus furor
2. Emerald Sword
3. Wisdom of the kings
4. Heroes of the lost valleys
5. Eternal glory
6. Beyond the gates of infinity
7. Wings of destiny
8. The dark tower of abyss
9. Riding the winds of eternity
10. Symphony of enchanted lands


2000 - Dawn of victory

1. Lux triumphans
2. Dawn of victory
3. Triumph for my magic steel
4. The village of dwarves
5. Dargor, shadowlord of the black mountains
6. The bloody rage of the titans
7. Holy Thunderforce
8. Trolls in the dark
9. The last winged unicorn
10. Mighty road of the firelord


2002 - Power of the dragonflame

1. In Tenebris
2. Knightrider of doom
3. Power of the Dragonflame
4. March of the Swordmaster
5. When Demons Awake
6. Agony Is My Name
7. Lamento Eroico
8. Steelgods of the Last Apocalypse
9. The Pride of the Tyrant
10. Rise from the Sea of Flames
11. Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness


2004 - The Dark Secret EP

1. Unholy Warcry (short version)
2. Thunder's mighty Roar
3. Guardians of destiny (Engl. version)
4. Sacred Power Of Raging Winds
5. Non ho Sonno* (Remix)


2004 - Symphony of enchanted lands II - The Dark Secret

1. The Dark Secret
-Ira Divina-
2. Unholy Warcry
3. Never Forgotten Heroes
4. Elgard's Green Valleys
5. The Magic Of The Wizards Dream
6. Erian´s Mystical Rhymes
-The White Dragon‘s Order-
7. The Last Angels' Call
8. Dragonland‘s Rivers
9. Sacred Power of Raging Winds
10. Guardiani del Destino
11. Shadows of Death
12. Nightfall on the Grey Mountains


Live in Canada 2005 - The Dark Secret
1. The Dark Secret
2. Unholy Warcry
3. Wisdom of the Kings
4. The Village of Dwarves
5. Erian's Mystical Rhymes
6. Dawn of Victory
7. Lamento Eroico
8. Nightfall on the Grey Mountains
9. The March of the Swordmaster
10. Emerald Sword
11. Gran Finale


2006 - Triumph or agony

1. Dar-Kunor
I. Echoes from the Elvish Woods
II. Fear of the Dungeons
2. Triumph or Agony
3. Heart of the Darklands
4. Old Age of Wonders
5. The Myth of the Holy Sword
6. Il Canto del Vento
7. Silent Dream
8. Bloody Red Dungeons
9. Son of Pain
10. The Mystic Prophecy of the Demonknight
I. A New Saga Begins
II. Through the Portals of Agony
III. The Black Order
IV. Nekron's Bloody Rhymes
V. Escape From Horror
11. Dark Reign of Fire
I. Winter Dawn's Theme

Bonus tracks:
1. Defenders of Gaia
2. A New Saga Begins (Radio edit)
3. Son of Pain (Italian version)


Las letras :

Bueno, acá estan todos los discos de Rhapsody ,
Hay 3 discos que ya abia puesto y no los puse aká para no
ocupar más espacio.. pero si quieren ver cuales discos no estan
entren aca

Aguante Rhapsody On fire, Film Score Metal... Lo q es power epic metal