lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2007

Vision Divine Discography
Miembros actuales:

  • Olaf Thorsen - Guitarra
  • Michele Luppi - Vocalista
  • Cristiano Bertocchi - Bajo
  • Federico Puleri - Guitarra
  • Alessio "Tom" Lucatti - Teclados
  • Alessandro Bissa - Bateria
Vision Divine (1999)

1.-New Eden
2.-On the Wings of the Storm
3.-Black Mask of Fear
5.-The Whisper
6.-Forgotten Worlds (Instrumental)
7.-Vision Divine
8.-The Miracle
9.-Forever Young
10.-Of Light and Darkness
11.-The Final Countdown (Cover of Europe)


Send Me An Angel (2002)

2.-Send me an Angel
4.-Away from you
5.-Black and White
6.-The Call
7.-Taste of a Goodbye
8.-Apocalypse Coming
10.-Flame of Hate
11.-Take on me (Cover Aha)


Stream of Consciousness (2004)

1.-Stream of Consciousness
2.-The Secret of Life
3.-Colours of my World
4.-In the Light
5.-The Fallen Feather
6.-La Vita Fugge
7.-Versions of the Same
8.-Through the Eyes of God
10.-We are, we are not
11.-Fool's Garden
12.-The Fall of Reason
13.-Out of the Maze


Stage Of Consciousness DVD (2005)

01. Stream of Unconsciousness
02. The Secret of Life
03. Colours of My World
04. In the Light
05. The Fallen Feather
06. La Vita Fugge
07. Versions of the Same
08. Through the Eyes of God
09. Shades
10. We Are, We Are Not
11. The Fall of Reason
12. Out of the Maze
13. Identities

Password: wegom

The Perfect Machine (2005)

1.-The Perfect Machine
2.-1st Day of a Never-Ending Day
3.-The Ancestor's Blood
4.-Land of Fear
5.-God is Dead
6.-Rising Sun
7.-Here in 6048
8.-The River
9.-Now that you've Gone


25Th Hour (2007)

1. My Angel Died (0:52)
2. The 25th Hour (5:34)
3. Out Of A Distant Night (Voices) (5:28)
4. Alpha & Omega (5:49)
5. Eyes Of A Child (4:58)
6. The Daemon You Hide (4:49)
7. Waiting For The Dawn (1:47)
8. Essence Of Time (4:43)
9. A Perfect Suicide (5:21)
10. Heaven Calling (3:38)
11. Ascension (2:15)